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The Common Factors People Forget When It Comes to Website Redesign

Updating your website for modern trends? Every year new technology evolves and old design patterns become obsolete overnight. However, some routines stay the same yet a lot of people forget some basic things during the website redesign process. Consider some of them below; perhaps you’ve missed a few as well:

Forgetting to 301-Redirect

This is supposed to be one of the first things you do because you don’t want to lose all of the search equity from your older pages. During the web redesign process you are bound to change URLs, keyword placement, drop a few pages or add a few, maybe even completely change domain. When that happens you’ll lose everything on an SEO point of view unless you 301 redirect. Continue reading

Should You Outsource Your Website Redesign?

It’s time for a website redesign. Maybe you’re just trying to go with the new trends and want to keep the site up to date with what’s more applicable and more compatible with the way people use the Internet. Maybe performance and traffic hasn’t been all too well. Either way, when the task is at hand, should you consider outsourcing to a website redesign agency?

You Get an Outside Perspective

Whether traffic is good or not, you’ll be attached to your current website’s design. It’ll feel natural to navigate through. It’s only normal that for a good long while you’ll avoid redesigning it because changing how it looks and feels could be a bit jolting at first. Continue reading

Today’s Internet Trend: Responsive Website Redesign

Just five years ago you would have seen websites filled with flash videos, gradients, shadows, and different versions of the same website for desktops and for mobile devices. Sometimes there’d be a different portal for smart phones and another for feature phones. Things have changed and your site might be in for a website redesign.

One Website for All Devices

The new concept of today’s web designers is to keep one website for all devices. There’s just one portal for desktop computers, tablets, and phones. This means a website’s design should be compatible for all sizes and input methods. You can’t have a site that works great on a touch-screen device like an iPhone but doesn’t respond well to mouse clicks. Continue reading

Understanding Four Factors Affecting Website Redesign Costs

Understanding Four Factors Affecting Website Redesign Costs


Website redesign won’t cost a penny or two, for sure. Yet people or firms that own a website must understand that the money they’ll be pouring in for this initiative is an investment, and not a waste of resources. Redesigning a website should increase its hits, make its visitors buy a product or service it is selling, and consequently , increase the earnings of the website owner.

That said, website owners who are planning to have their online presence redesigned should be familiar with four factors that can affect website redesign costs. These include the website redesign company in charge of the project, the processes required, the functionalities integrated in the website, and the person or team developing content. Continue reading

Understanding different Roles of a Website Redesign Team

Understanding different Roles of a Website Redesign Team


Are you planning to redesign your website?

One of the first things you should know is that it pays to hire a website redesign company instead of entrusting all the work to just one person like a web designer.

Gone are the days when the same person is in charge of the web design, copywriting, and development of the website. Due to the critical nature of website redesign, companies that offer website redesign services now have specialized teams composed of professionals who perform specific tasks. Continue reading

How to implement a Successful Website Redesign?

How to implement a Successful Website Redesign?


Redesigning a website can be a challenging task and while it’s not as time consuming as it used to be there are things you need to carefully consider. All too often designers just focus on the layout while ignoring the functionality, SEO content and usability. With the right website redesign, your site can get a significant ranking boost.

Hence, it is vital to implement a successful website redesign. But how to ? Continue reading

How often should you redesign your website?

How Often should you redesign your website?

Website redesign is a major undertaking for most  portals. Changing  the look of a website is not only a major investment in terms of money, but also because it drastically changes the look and feel of the site.

This is a reason why many individuals and firms are hesitant in changing the design of their website, especially if there are no clear-cut design flaws. Website owners fear that a major overhaul of the design of their online sites could backfire as their long-time visitors may be turned off with the change in look and functionalities.

Most marketers suggest to redesign a website every two to three years, arguing that this is the ideal time frame for website owners to change the look and functionality of their portals. Online marketers likewise stress that redesigning a website every two to three years will keep the business fresh to its target market. Continue reading

What questions should you ask before considering Website Redesign?

What questions should you ask before considering Website Redesign?

Is it time for you to change the way your website looks? For most website owners, there’s only one factor to consider in determining  the  timing for a website redesign — budget.  Website owners usually accede to a website redesign proposal when they have some money to spare.

But there are times when monetary considerations should not only be the consideration. If you are not sure when the right time for you to redesign your website is, you might want to answer the following questions. If you answer in the affirmative, then you ought  to have your website re-designed as promptly as possible.

These include: Continue reading

Why does your website need a Website Redesign? What are the tell-tale signs?

Why does your website need a Website Redesign? What are the tell-tale signs?


There’s an old dictum that says change is the only thing permanent in this world. This rings true even in cyberspace. Technology is constantly changing, and this is exemplified by advancements in the design of websites. If you own a website which has not gone any cosmetic alteration in the past year or so, perhaps you might consider hiring the services of a pro website redesign company to look into your web redesign.

There are three tell-tale signs that will tell you it’s about time to consider the website redesign services and change the design of your website. These include: Continue reading

Why should you consider Website Redesign? What are the benefits?

Why should you consider Website Redesign? What are the benefits?

Website redesign is usually perceived by many website owners to be an additional cost. With most of them preferring to cut down costs, it is not difficult to understand why website redesign is something that website owners would rather skip or not talk about.

Instead of focusing on the costs, website owners should look at the benefits of web redesign. Overhauling the look of a website will not only enhance its look. Changing the design, structure, and even the copywriting of a website should improve the bottom line of the person or company that owns the site.

There are three specific benefits of a website redesign project. These are increased conversion rates, improved branding, and enhanced search engine optimization (SEO). Continue reading