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Are you planning to redesign your website shortly?

website redesign knowledge baseWith a website redesign initiative, your website can be improved in many aspects. These are increased conversion rates, improved branding, lowered maintenance costs, and enhanced search engine optimization (SEO), etc. However, it can hurt you if you lack in experience, thoughtful planning and implementation. For instance, your existing website contains a lot of inbound links and best performing keywords, and losing those during a website redesign can hurt your site ranking in search engines.

Website redesign can be a challenging task and are things you need to carefully consider. Since many web designers just focus on the layout while ignoring the functionality, SEO, and web usability, we as a website redesign service provider set up this blog to share some information and hope it can be helpful to implement a successful web redesign project.


The articles in the website redesign knowledge base cover:

Why should you consider Website Redesign? What are the benefits?

Why does your website need a Website Redesign? What are the tell-tale signs?

What questions should you ask before considering Website Redesign?

How Often should you redesign your website?

How to implement a Successful Website Redesign?

Understanding different Roles of a Website Redesign Team

Understanding  Four Factors Affecting Website Redesign Costs

Today’s Internet Trend: Responsive Website Redesign

Should You Outsource Your Website Redesign?

The Common Factors People Forget When It Comes to Website Redesign

Analytics are the Backbone to a Successful Website Redesign

Modern Redesigning 101

Web Redesign: It’s Not as Tedious as You Think

Potential Objectives for Web Redesign

Problems That Won’t Be Fixed by Web Redesign

Interesting Facts that may Spur Web Redesign

Avoid SEO Screw-ups in Web Redesign


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The Case against the Massive Web Redesign

Simple Website Redesign Tips for Any Cafe

Why Your Restaurant Website Needs a Redesign

How to Redesign Your Website’s Fonts and Typeface

How to Ensure Your Redesigned Site Uses Images Legally

5 Redesign Tips to Make Your Website More Usable

5 Critical Points of Web Content Redesign

Keeping Your Organic Traffic After Redesigning Your Website

Inbound Link Analysis Before Website Redesign

Why Use a 301 Redirect Strategy After Website Redesign

Creating a Complete URL Redirect and Error Page Strategy for Your Website Redesign

How to Integrate Social Media in a Website Redesign


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