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Website Redesign Glossary

Website redesign glossary lists here some common terms, glossary, and definitions that you should know to understand our website redesign services (website relaunch/ website revamp services). If you have any further question about our web redesign services, please feel free to contact us.

A blog is a website that posts articles of information related to particular products, services, news, careers, hobbies, thoughts, opinions, beliefs, images, movies, impressions, or ideas on a topic and solicits feedback from visitors. It is a very effective site tool to set up a corporate blog to attract and keep website visitors. On the web redesign project, it is a great way building a blog to create fresh content on an ongoing basis and improve search results.

Content Management System (CMS)
A Web Content Management System (CMS) is an online software program that enables the users to create and maintain a website easily by using a web browser (e.g. Microsoft IE or Google Chrome, etc.) at any time without technical knowledge of the webpage editing software and HTML. It is common to set up a CMS site to replace the old traditional HTML website during the website redesign process.

Conversion Rate
It is the percentage of website visitors who respond to the desired goal of an ad campaign compared with the total number of visitors who see the ad compaign. The goal may be convincing the website visitors to become subscribers, or encouraging the protential customers to purchase, etc. Poor website conversion rate means the website failing to achieve the business goals and hence requires website redesign services to revamp the website.

Doorway Page
It is also known as gateway page being tuned to the specific requirements of the search engines and leading to the website but not being considered as part of the website. Since there are different elements in the ranking criteria for different search engines, some SEO experts may develop different doorway pages to tailor specifically for each search engine to achieve optimal results. This technique should be avoided because search engines may think you are trying to spam them and punish your site. If a site was banned due to the black hat SEO techniques used, it should launch the website redesign to remove the search engine unfriendly elements.

Domain Name
It is the location of a website on the internet.

It is the conduct of business on the internet, not only buying and selling but also servicing customers and collaborating with business partners.

It is the process of buying and selling of goods and services on the internet. It is common on the website redesign project to add a shopping cart on a website setting up an eCommerce function.

It is also known as Electronic Magazine containing information regarding a certain topic in the form of magazine articles and features. Some e-zines are website based and others are email based. It is a popular marketing tool on the internet. For a web redesign plan, it is common to add an email newsletter subscription function to collect leads.

It is the multimedia technology to allow much interactivity to fit in a relatively small file size. But it should be aware of the SEO problems related to using it. Many web designers place fancy Flash animations on their home pages just to make them look cool. Often these animations serve no purpose beyond making site visitors wait a little longer to see the website. Major search engines can now read and index Flash content (but generally not well). If the home page was built by using Flash, the most important page on your site is worthless from a search engine perspective. If the entire website was built using Flash, the site will almost certainly not do well in search results. Hence, it should employ website redesign company to launch the website redesign to remove some search engine unfriendly elements.

It is a structure that allows for the dividing of a webpage into two or more independent parts. Frames always result in some search engines being unable to index webpages within the website or improper webpages being indexed. Frames is the search engine unfriendly elements that should be avoided. If the entire website was built using frames, the site will almost certainly not do well in search results. Hence, it should launch the web redesign to revamp the website.

Home Page
It is the main page of a website. The home page is the most important page on your site from a search engine perspective.

Image Maps
It is a single graphic or image that has multiple links to different webpages or resources. Image Maps can prevent some search engines from getting inside your website and result in some of the webpages not being indexed. Image map is the search engine unfriendly element that should be restricted in its use.

Inbound Link
It is a link from a website outside of your website.

A word or phrase that a user types into a search engine to look for specific information.

Meta Refresh
It is an HTML document that is designed to automatically replace itself with another webpage after a certain specified period of time. It may be used for an automated slideshow. Search Engines generally do not like Meta Refresh Tags.

Meta Tags
It is the hidden HTML directions for web browsers or search engines.

Mobile Responsive design
Mobile Responsive design is a modern web design approach to design a website so that it can be viewed optimally across a wide range of different devices. It is also a common website redesign approach to refresh a website to be mobile responsive so that it can meet the mobile web requirements and does not need to set up another seperate mobile web version.

It facilitates movement from one webpage to another webpage.

Outbound Link
It is a link to a website outside of your website.

Reciprocal Links
They are links between two websites often based on an agreement by the website owners to exchange links to improve the search engine rankings.

Search Engine
Search engine is an internet program that indexes documents and then attemps to match documents relevant to the users’ search requests. The typical examples are Google, Yahoo, and Baidu, etc.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
It usually refers to targeting prospective customers by buying relevant keywords or phrases from search engines.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
It usually refers to making a website more friendly to search engines so that it may be easiler to be indexed, ranked higher in search engines, and obtans higher internet explosure.

Shopping Cart
It is a program that acts as an online store’s catalog and ordering process.

Social Media Optimization
Social Media Optimization, or SMO, is a form of marketing that focuses on generating traffic and buzz by participation in various social media web sites.

Splash Page
It is basically an opening page that leads into a website. Splash pages often consist of a Java or a Flash introduction with an eye-pleasing image but they often lack content relevant to search engines.

It is common on many websites to display information and position content in this way, but if implemented incorrectly it can cause the search engines some confusion.

It is the short form of Uniform Resource Locator. It is the location of a resource on the internet.

Web Browser
It is a program that allows for the browsing of the World Wide Web. For example, Microsoft Internet Explorer is a web browser.

Web Design
It is the selection and coordination of available components to create the layout and structure of a webpage.

Web Hosting
For a potential customer to visit your website, it must have your website to be hosted at a web server after the web design (or website redesign) and production processes. Usually, the web hosting service provider will provide the paid hosting services. For web redesign project, it is vital to host a site on a high speed and stable web server with wide network connection.

Web Server
It is a computer that stores information and makes these web files available to other users on the internet.

Website Redesign
Website redesign is also called as website relaunch or website revamp. It is a process to redesign an old website to meet the changing environment.

Website Redesign Company
It is generally formed by a group of website redesign guru with solid experience, knowledge, and silk of website relaunch, web usability and search engine optimization to fullfill your web redesign needs. Website redesign company is also referred as website redesign service provider.

Website Relaunch
Website relaunch is also called as website redesign or website revamp. It is a process to relaunch an old website to meet the changing environment and business goals.

Website Revamp
Website revamp is also called as website relaunch or website redesign. It is a process to revamp an old website to meet the changing environment and its goals.

Website Usability
It is the ease with which website visitors are able to use a website. It concerns with the user's experience. If a website with good usability, it will be easiler to keep the visitors and help conversion. Hence, it is one of the purposes of website redesign project to improve website usability.

Website Redesign Glossary