Why should you consider Website Redesign? What are the benefits?

Why should you consider Website Redesign? What are the benefits?

Website redesign is usually perceived by many website owners to be an additional cost. With most of them preferring to cut down costs, it is not difficult to understand why website redesign is something that website owners would rather skip or not talk about.

Instead of focusing on the costs, website owners should look at the benefits of web redesign. Overhauling the look of a website will not only enhance its look. Changing the design, structure, and even the copywriting of a website should improve the bottom line of the person or company that owns the site.

There are three specific benefits of a website redesign project. These are increased conversion rates, improved branding, and enhanced search engine optimization (SEO).


Improved Conversion Rates                                                                     

For most businesses, the main reason why they maintain a website is to encourage their online visitors to take an action. This means prompting the Internet visitor to make a purchase from the website, or to call the business or company. Call to action may also refer to the online visitor sharing the information posted on a website.growth-up

But some business websites usually place the most important details, like their contact numbers or call-to-action, in hard-to-find pages. This could only make it less likely for online visitors to purchase a product, share information, or contact the website—three things a website owner would naturally want his visitors to do.

With a web redesign initiative, a website can be improved so that visitors will easily find contact details, buy a product from it or share information with other users.


Enhanced Branding

Websites with poor designs not only fail to attract potential customers. These sites can also negatively affect the branding of a business.  A brand is simply the promise of a business website to its target market. It tells online visitors what they can expect from the products or services offered by the website, and what makes the internet site different from its competitors.

Websites which have a logo, signage, and coherent look have an established branding. Thus, they are more likely to be trusted by online visitors compared to those that have none of these elements. With a  web redesign project, a website can improve its branding and make it more attractive and trusted by its target market.


Enhanced SEO

Finally, a website redesign service can improve the search engine results ranking of a website. This is possible through search engine optimization (SEO), a web design strategy which enables a website to show up in the first page of a Google or search engine ranking.

When a website lands in the first page of a search engine result, it gets a lot of exposure since Internet visitors will easily find them. SEO incorporates keywords in the site structure and copywriting.  With SEO, an Internet site captures more customers and this boosts the profits of the business that owns it.




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