How to Integrate Social Media in a Website Redesign

How to Integrate Social Media in a Website Redesign


There’s no question that social media is an essential tool for e-commerce, and regardless of your product or service, you need to take advantage of it. But contrary to what some may believe, there’s no need for websites and social media to compete, and you can actually use them together. Here offer some tips to integrate social media in a website redesign:


Make Those Social Media Buttons Visible

It’s not enough that you have social media buttons, as you need to ensure they are placed in a conspicuous area of your homepage. If the buttons used to be at the bottom of page, place them near the top or the left side so it’s within easy reach and access. To keep users from leaving your website, configure the buttons so that the links to your social media sites open in new tabs.


Keep Each Linked Site Updated

There’s no point linking to your Facebook page if it’s been abandoned, so make sure that each one is updated. If your Facebook account is no longer updated and you just post on Twitter, then link only to your Twitter site. This point cannot be emphasized enough because it night create the impression the rest of your site is no longer maintained either.


Integrate Properly

Companies use social media to inform customers and clients of the latest happenings concerning the company, product releases, news and so on. For this to be effective you need to update those social media accounts and sync them with the info on your website. It might also be a good idea to show the Facebook posts or Twitter feeds on the redesigned website so users don’t have to leave to catch up with the news.


Use Updated Buttons

It goes without saying that social media changes very quickly, so the buttons you added a year ago are probably obsolete and need to be replaced. Do your homework or have someone tasked with keeping your website updated. If you haven’t updated the site in a while, then don’t forget to give those buttons a new look during the redesign. In other words, you need to stay a step ahead and keep up with the times to stay relevant.

This doesn’t mean you should use open an account on all social media accounts, far from it. It’s much better to have an updated presence on one or two social media accounts than have accounts in YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. but they’re not updated.

Finally, don’t forget to include share buttons. The whole point of social media is to share information and the likes of a person, so make the most of this opportunity. If you have share buttons, then you have a great opportunity to spread word about your product or service.



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