Should You Outsource Your Website Redesign?

It’s time for a website redesign. Maybe you’re just trying to go with the new trends and want to keep the site up to date with what’s more applicable and more compatible with the way people use the Internet. Maybe performance and traffic hasn’t been all too well. Either way, when the task is at hand, should you consider outsourcing to a website redesign agency?

You Get an Outside Perspective

Whether traffic is good or not, you’ll be attached to your current website’s design. It’ll feel natural to navigate through. It’s only normal that for a good long while you’ll avoid redesigning it because changing how it looks and feels could be a bit jolting at first.

When you outsource to a website designing company however, they’ll look at your website with fresh goggles on. They won’t be fogged by nostalgia and familiarity. For them, all they see are numbers, statistics, and design flaws that might need to go or opportunities that can be improved on.

A Touch of Professional Skill and Talent

Even if you have an in-house design team that is well-versed in HTML 5, CMS, XML, and other programming know-how to redesign your site, outsourcing still lends you the upper hand since most agencies are at the top of their game. After all, they design and redesign for a living. They do this every day of their lives.

Of course you’ll still want to screen the people you’re outsourcing to and the best way to do this is to check out their previous accomplishments. When you’ve chosen one, you’ll have the advantage of redesigning your website with people who really understand how the Internet works and what designs are more efficient today.

SEO and Redesign in One Swipe

You’ll be hitting two birds with one stone – you’ll be redesigning your website aesthetically and analytically. Most website redesign agencies have professional SEO experts that will look and study your site’s performance; its page ranking, inbound link activity, click rates, and keyword performance among others.

This is the more important reason why you should consider outsourcing. Redesigning isn’t just about making your pages pretty and modern or even about making responsive design patterns; it’s all about making a website that people go to. High-performing SEO is a big part of this and outsourcing will grant you better teams and resources to fix this aspect immediately.

Outsourcing Even When Things Look Good

A lot of companies think that the only time to website redesign is when traffic isn’t good. That’s not entirely true because you should always consider website redesigning when new devices come out, when new design trends are out, or when you have something new to say to your consumers.

It’ll be easier to have strong communication between your in-house team and the website redesign agency you outsource to. This ensures you can make changes on the fly without going through a lengthy process.


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