Potential Objectives for Web Redesign

There are many possible reasons why you would put up with another web redesign. But you can all boil down those reasons to just one thing: improving profits. But of course that naturally leads to the question of how to improve profits.

Website redesign can help, but only if you make sure you identify the right objectives. These objectives, one way or another, can lead to increased profits. Here are some possible objectives you may want to aim for:

Reduce the bounce rate.

The bounce rate is the percentage of people who come to your website and then don’t go any further. They decide to leave after taking a look at the home page. Usually it’s because they don’t think you have the content they’re looking for or they can’t figure out how to navigate through your website.

If this is a problem, then your web redesign must be easy to browse, and the content must be presented in such a way as to compel new visitors to stick around.

Increase directed traffic to sister websites
A lot of sites, especially blogs, try to direct users to other websites. Affiliate marketers, for example, work this way. They direct traffic to the website that actually sells the products they’re endorsing.

Aside from changing the content to make it more convincing, the format of the content may also be changed to make it more effective. The right buttons or links to click to visit those websites must be made more visible, and visitors should know exactly what to expect when they visit those sites.

Boost email marketing
This is actually two problems. One, you need to be more convincing in your efforts to get people to submit their emails to you. Two, when you email them, the page they land on should then be compelling and trustworthy if you want them to buy something from your website.

But even though they are two different problems, it’s still a matter of improving conversion. And that means the redesign needs to ooze trustworthiness and credibility. That’s the problem with ecommerce in general. It’s inherently more difficult for people to trust a faceless webpage.

Increasing the number of people to check out the “About Us” page
Speaking of faceless websites, the “about us” page is designed to solve that problem. But even if you have an effective “about us” page with lots of pictures of you and your employees, plus friendly messages and a comprehensive history, it won’t do if people don’t visit it.

If this is your goal, then the link to the page must always be present and highly visible. You may even change the name of the section to something more compelling, such as “Who We Are” or something similar.

Keep in mind, web redesign is not just about making a change for change’s sake. It’s all about improving your bottom line, and your specific web redesign objectives must be in line with that ultimate objective.



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